Our services

We specialise in commercial, industrial, domestic and heritage scaffolding work, providing designs and solutions to suit all clients' needs including:-

Full survey and consultation.

Free estimates.

Competitive quotes.

Design & calculation.

Risk assessments.

Method statements.

Alloy towers.

Conform to TG20:13.

Temporary stair access

Sky Scaffolding provides a wide range of accessibility solutions, from access towers to temporary stairs, each designed to make movement, conveyance, logistics and operations run smoothly

Bespoke Scaffolding Design

  • Scaffold Sheeting
  • Temporary fencing
  • Temporary Roofing
  • Birdcages
  • Support Structures
  • Rubbish Chutes
  • Hotels and Apartment Blocks
  • Bridges and Viaducts
  • Industrial Plants & Factories
  • Food Hyigene Plants

24hr Emergency call out Service.

Quality equipment for Sale & Hire.


Tube and Fitting

Traditional and reliable

The reason that tube and fitting scaffolding has been around for some time is that it’s a time-tested and adaptable solution. Perfect for large, complex building sites and cramped, awkward spaces alike, this traditional system is highly responsive and has countless applications.

Quality materials

The high quality galvanised steel tubes we purchase are up to specification and comply with EN39 European standards.

Our tubes are 3.2mm high yield galvanised scaffold tube and give the following benefits:-

  • A yield strength of 355N/mm2 as opposed to the traditional 4mm tube which as 235N/mm2
  • 25% lighter tube – the traditional 21' scaffold tube weighs 28kg whereas the new galvanised tube weighs in at 21kg – this significantly enhances safety as scaffolders get less tired and are less likely to make mistakes.
  • Lighter scaffolds which impose less loads on scaffold structures

All our boards are machine stress graded and banded, branded and nail plated. These boards are the best on the market and comply with BS2482. They significantly out perform 'grade' A boards which are an unregulated product.

Every board that is returned to SKY Scaffolding depot is checked and certified by one of our fully trained yard operatives to ensure it remains safe for use.

SKY Scaffolding is also concerned about the existence of non BS scaffold boards on the market.

Plastic Boards (Supadeck)

Supadeck has been independently tested in accordance with BS EN 12811-1 2003 and complies with BS2482. It is light weight, durable, strong, easy to use and is suitable for a wide variety of applications both in the general building industry and throughout other more specialist areas such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing.

Our Scaffold Fittings

All double fittings, the critical load bearing fitting, are drop forged. Since the introduction of the new standard, all fittings we purchase are to EN74 class B; these fittings have a 50% greater design capacity compared to cheaper press steel fittings.


The system has many advantages over other ring based systems and, as the name suggests, is completely metric. With bay lengths and breadths being divisible by one another, along with the system being completely tubular, PLETTAC METRIX is a highly adaptable modular system.

The Plettac rosette creates an incredibly strong and rigid joint, allowing up to 8 connections at various angles.

In addition, there is an exclusive optional Permanent Advanced Guardrail system which allows the scaffolders to work in complete safety from the level below, while complying fully with the NASC’s guidance note SG4.

Both of these unique system-features lead to significant benefits, including reduced equipment levels, labour savings, decreased assembly times and improved safety.

The platforms of the PLETTAC METRIX system are formed using one of three types of deck; steel, aluminium or combined aluminium and plywood, with steel being the most common. All decks include built in lifting handles, wind-locks and anti-tilting devices.

Decks fit directly onto a tubular ledger/transom for ease of use and, unlike other ring systems, there is no requirement for additional u-transom or wind-locking components.

PLETTAC MATRIX is designed and manufactured in Plettac's state of the art production facilities and meets the strict quality requirements of ISO 9001. Through calculation and independent testing, the system has proved to meet or exceed all the required criteria to satisfy both BS EN 12810 and BS EN 12811.

The system has passed the rigorous NASC audit process and is fully compliant with their Code of Practice. It is also a Construction Industry Scaffolder’s Record Scheme (CISRS) approved system, enabling recognised training to be undertaken.

For each bay size there is a corresponding colour code on the ledgers and the vertical diagonal brace, making each corresponding size easily identifiable, leaving no room for error in the preparation of works.